Different paths in ASP.NET

This post explains the different type of paths there are in ASP.NET,



By the way, this type of syntax is not supported inside plain <script> tags regardless of technology.

So, <%= VirtualPathUtility.ToAbsolute(“~/”) =>  should help ease that, see doc for more info



Installing SQL Server 2008

Once in a while I need to install SQL Server and there are a few options in the installation process I want to document here. 


  • Brand new box, WinXP SP3, no pre-existing Sql Server installed
  • VS2008 SP1 and .NET 3.5 SP1 have been installed
  • Edition: SQL Server 2008 Express

Pre-requisite on installing SQL Server 2008


Default Instance vs. Named Instance

Named instance: SqlExpress2008

Service Accounts

Recommended to create a new account, because NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE and Local System give too much power.  But I use NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE for now.


  1. Windows Collation vs. SQL Collation, use Windows Collation, Sql Collation is for backward compatibility.
  2. Collation designator: Chinese_PRC and check AS leave the rest un-checked, thus Chinese_PRC_CI_AS

Authentication Mode

Use Windows Authentication Mode over Mixed Mode, and Add Current User.

Data Directories

User database directory & User database log directory: change to yours instead of default.

Installed a land line

I ordered a telephone service from Cox yesterday. The price was about $12, however the total came down to $22. The other $10 is for tax among which $6.30 is FCC tax, and the rest is local tax.

I haven’t had a land line for a long time and did not have much problem without one. The reason I am getting one now is due the increased burglaries in local neighborhoods. My friend who lived on 51st Ave had 2 burglaries in 6 months. It turned out there are only 2 police cars patrolling at night from Central Ave to above 60 or 70 ave which is a large area.

The security system will cost another $32 a month, $30 a year to pay the government for a reason I don’t remember now.